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Determine Purity of an Organic Compound by DSC

DSC is a convenient technique to determine the purity of an organic compound, such as monomers and low-molecular weight crystalline substances. The calculation utilizes the van’t Hoff equation, which describes the melting point depression from impurities. The DSC technique is relatively easy to perform and the purity value is quick to obtain since modern DSC equipment are equipped with sophisticated software where the software will calculate purity value once the DSC thermograph is obtained. It provides you with the information of total purity level in a few hours. However, keep in mind that this technique will not give any specifics to the nature of the impurities.

You can fine more information in the book “Thermal Analysis of Polymers – Fundamentals and Applications”. The ASTM E928 standard method is also a good reference where it describes the principle of the method and goes into details on how to perform the test method.