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Thermal Analysis References

Occasionally I send references to my clients when questions were asked on complicated concepts or on general material behaviors under thermal analysis.  It is imperative to have scholarly references to explain these concepts in these occasions.  It is unfortunate, however, that the subject is not taught as a regular discipline at schools and that most of the research were done in the 70’s and 80’s and since then has been scattered due to its wide use but not in one concentrated area.

Given the readily available web search it has made literature research much easier now than ever.  You can search for a technical term you are interested in and many scholarly articles will appear from your web search.  Here I give a list of literature on thermal analysis, both books and websites that I refer to frequently as I find them very useful.

Useful books that summarize various techniques of thermal analysis:
Thermal characterization of polymeric materials / 2nd ed., edited by Edith A. Turi, 1981
Thermal analysis of polymers: fundamentals and applications / edited by Joseph D. Menczel and R. Bruce Prime, 2009

Useful application notes you can find from instrumentation companies:
TA Instruments website
Perkin Elmer website
Mettler Toledo website

And here are some more books that are useful for in-depth and theoretical concepts concerning thermal analysis:
Thermal Analysis / by Bernhard Wunderlich, 1990
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Polymeric Material / by T. Murayama, 1978
Thermal Methods / by James W. Dodd and Kenneth H. Tonge, 1987

Do you have a reference you use a lot with thermal analysis besides the ones I listed?  You can share your favorite books or sites here.