PINNACLE MATERIALS LABORATORY was established in 2013 by Joy and Cynthia.  PML is a woman-owned micro company that provides analytical services specializing in thermal analysis to help our clients in solving their industrial problems.  By being small you communicate directly to a technical expert (which would be Joy) without going through phone operator or getting lost in communication tangle.

PML offers materials characterization and consulting services to a variety of industries.  Our clients are companies that come from aerospace sector, alternative energy sector, computer sector, and biotechnology sector.

JOY is the president of Pinnacle Materials Laboratory.  She is the principal scientist in thermal analysis testing.  Joy understands the nuances of thermal analysis testing and works with many one-of projects.  Sometimes your testing needs cannot be fulfilled by PML.  Joy is knowledgeable enough to refer you to other type of testing that might be better suited for your needs.  Joy is a former analytical chemist/manager and research engineer at Hexcel Corporation.  Joy is a member of ASTM D30.04 committee and a member of ACS.